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I'm Emily Jayde.

Specializing in precision haircuts, natural lived-in color, gray coverage.

The Summary

Michigan born and raised; Detroitish
Hair Nerd | Retired Dance Teacher
Shoe Collector | Bravo Fanatic | Dog Lover 
I like my coffee to taste like cake!

Since 2000 I have been creating easy and effortless hair for my clients. When you sit in my chair, plan to find a new-found passion for stying your hair. It doesn't have to be a can be easy and achievable!  In between the hair tips and tricks, we can talk deep thoughts or inappropriate humor! 

I do consider myself an artist, but I'm intrigued by the technical side of hairdressing. The why and how things work, get me excited! With this hunger for learning, I became an educator for an international haircare brand.  

For eight years I traveled around the country educating other salons and their staff, performing in hair shows/events and frequented New York City for advanced hairdressing classes.

I also take part in training the assistants at the salon, helping them create a strong foundation to become fresh new stylist. I don't think teaching class or taking it as a student myself will ever get old. It keeps me excited about my craft and infuses me with creativity I can pass onto my clients for their everyday looks.

EJ Photo
EJ Photo

Work Life

Personal Life

I'm a pretty crafty person always scrolling Pinterest for my next DIY home project. My husband and I love trying new restaurants and local breweries with the best patios but mostly we end up at the same local watering hole! Call it creatures of habit. Our two pups, Harley and Doug keep us on our toes. Doug is a real character, when you're in my chair you'll hear all about their adventures.

To get my day started I'm fueled by my love of almond milk lattes with honey. I like to cook but only if the recipe reads like a short story, if it reads like a novel that's a hard pass for me! My day isn't complete until I've had some ice cream.


I love to chat about the newest restaurants around town or events that are happening. When I'm having a lazy day at home I'm streaming the latest shows. Housewives gossip anyone?

As someone with fine hair myself, I know how hard it can be to find the right haircut for that texture. While I love long, beautiful hair I am a self-professed master at making fine hair look thicker with the right cut. Paired with the right color and products your hair will look and feel like it's come back to life. I'd love the opportunity to discuss taking your hair to the next level.

EJ Photo


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